Custom Keto Diet Plan

How To Get The Amazing Body You Have Always Desired Without Sweating Hours In The Gym!

The secret that the doctors won’t tell you is that you can lose your weight and become more attractive with the help of the custom keto diet in just 60 days. An extreme diet or excessive training is not only unnecessary, but it harms your mental health what often leads to the yo-yo effect!

This 8-week custom meal plan will make you come to the spotlight and become the best version of yourself!

In this step-by-step process, you’ll be guided by someone who has brought together leading experts to develop tailored and enjoyable keto meal plans. These customized keto meals are unique, and we’ve created them after months of testing and experimentation.

During these 8-weeks, you’ll get a diet plan that is optimized to your needs. KetoGentle will bring you delicious meal choices that are based on your eating habits, instructions on how to customize these meals further, and step-by-step recipe instruction.

Weight Loss - Ketogenic Diet

The dreaded diet and workouts that don’t seem to work!

Ever wondered why there are so many gurus teaching fitness, yet 71% of the American adults above 20 are overweight? Don’t you think there’s something wrong with the way we’re doing things?

The most significant predicament that everyone is facing is this:
“No matter how hard they try to control their diet or try different meal plans, they can’t seem to find the lean and alluring body of their dreams!”
Sounds familiar? If you’ve been trying to reduce weight only to be disappointed, then you are struck by the dreaded diets and workouts that don’t seem to work!
And to make matters worse, some people blame it on their “genes” and give up on getting their dream body.

This is where KetoGentle steps in and helps you identify your mistakes! We’ve found that the only diet plan that can help you stay fit is keto! Most online gurus will give you diet plans that are generic one-size-fits-all templates. With KetoGentle, you’re going to get the real deal: A customized plan tailored to your physique, eating habits, and taste preferences.

How will the 8-week customized keto diet plan make you more attractive?


Increase your fat burning

Elevated levels of insulin in your body halt fat burning and take the energy into the fat cells. On a customized keto diet, your insulin levels will drop, which will boost fat burning.


Say goodbye to cravings

This is another secret: You’ll never be able to maintain weight loss on a diet that keeps you hungry. Hunger defeats willpower, that’s the primary reason why most diet plans fail. With keto, you bring your cravings to a dead end!


It's safe and healthy

Keto diet increases the levels of good HDL cholesterol hence boosting a healthy heart. Research shows that this diet helps improve mental health and various neurological conditions.


Say goodbye to cravings

This is another secret: You’ll never be able to maintain weight loss on a diet that keeps you hungry. Hunger defeats willpower, that’s the primary reason why most diet plans fail. With keto, you bring your cravings to a dead end!


Simple to follow plans

The diet plan comes with no complications. Imagine getting to eat bacon, eggs, steak, and cheese while reducing weight? I hope that sounds like an easy thing to do!


You don't have to exercise

While on a keto diet, you don’t have to work out to see the results. Since the keto diet boosts your energy levels, you might get motivated to work out without any pressure. This is where your progress will quadruple overtime.


You'll lose weight fast

As soon as you start acting on your customized 8-week plan, you’ll automatically begin to lose weight. This diet will never make you crave food, and you’ll keep losing weight without counting calories.
We’ve talked about the keto diet and my custom diet plan, and I thought it’s about time I introduce myself!
I’m Rachel Roberts. I used to worry about my body image and was insecure about my weight. Switching to a keto diet changed my life.
Now, I’m not a professional ad writer, but I wanted to reach out to you with my extraordinary story.
It is about how I stripped off my body fat like clockwork while eating tasty meals like ribeye steak, eggs, and bacon.

So, the ball is in your court now!

How much weight do you want to reduce? Do you really want to fit in your college jeans?
If yes, then let us tell you what value we offer in this program.

  •  An 8-week diet plan from industry experts: As mentioned earlier, we’ve brought together experts from multiple fields who work together to create your diet plan.
  • Diet, according to your ideal calorie and macro intake: Maintaining macro and calorie intake is crucial. That’s why we use nutrition science to figure out what intakes suits your situation.
  • Meals based on your food preferences: Our experts have done extensive research to create mouth-watering recipes that will make your diet enjoyable and unique.
  • Detailed Instructions: You won’t be left alone on your own once you choose to start with us. We include step-by-step instructions to get you cooking in no time.

And much more…

That was a quick overview, and you’ll get more value out of your order as we leave no stone unturned.

Imagine what you will look like once you complete the 8-week plan! You’ll be confident to go out, interact with people, and have the body you’ve always desired.

As you stand by the mirror, you’ll notice getting thinner and leaner each day, which will fill you with immense joy!

This is your life; this is your moment to make the decision that will help you change your life for good!